We look after our members for a lifetime.

PDL services are backed by an entirely member owned and elected board of directors and local advisory committee sourced from a diverse cross section of experienced pharmacists. PDL has a strong national network in order to best service its valued members with immediate Australia wide support. We offer professional advice and guidance in risk minimisation.

PDL professional officers are pharmacists themselves. They understand the language of pharmacy and possess a wealth of experience from years at the frontline. As a member, PDL will give you essential support as you navigate a career in the pharmacy profession.

Members benefit from 24 / 7 professional incident support and advice.

All members of PDL receive a free subscription to the Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP) magazine (online version for interns and students).

The PI policy provided through PDL is tailored to pharmacists and meets the requirements of those working in the pharmacy profession across a range of roles, including but not limited to; clinical pharmacists, hospital, research and community pharmacists. Our PI covers everything in the scope of pharmacy as required by the Pharmacy Board of Australia.