Trusted by pharmacists for more than 100 years.

PDL is a member owned and independent organisation dedicated solely to pharmacists and the pharmacy profession.

For more than 100 years we’ve funded and advocated on behalf of the pharmacy profession and we offer a unique service to pharmacists providing incident and claims support to minimise harm. Call us on 1300 854 838 if you need confidential advice at any time. We endorse and support emerging talent to drive positive outcomes for the future of pharmacy. Pharmacy interns and students are entitled to free PDL membership including Professional Liabilities Insurance cover.

PDL offers you the best value Pharmacist Professional Liabilities Insurance (PI) cover in Australia which includes zero basic excess and retroactive cover. All members are invited to renew on 30 April annually. We continually support you throughout your career as a pharmacist and provide run off cover when you retire.

Call 1300 854 838 Australia wide