By pharmacists for pharmacists

PDL is a member owned and independent organisation dedicated solely to pharmacists and the pharmacy profession. For more than 100 years we’ve funded and advocated on behalf of the pharmacy profession.

Pharmacist members of PDL have access to the best value Professional Liabilities Insurance (PI) cover in Australia which includes everything in the scope of pharmacy, zero basic excess, retroactive cover and full liability cover including professional indemnity; public liability and; products liability. 

Our unique service to pharmacists provides 24 / 7 incident and claims support at any time and has proven, ongoing success in minismising the risk of an incident becoming a claim. PDL continually supports you throughout your career as a pharmacist, from student through internship years and we offer retiree run off cover, because we look after our members for a lifetime.

Call 1300 854 838 Australia wide for 24 / 7 confidential advice and support